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JAXFAX magazin MARCH-APRIL 2019 - Consololidator Guide

There is a limited number of legitimate air consolidators in the USA. Most of our competitors have been in the business for many years.  Here, at Picasso Travel we are celebrating our 40 years of service both to our travel agent friends and our airline partners.

We recommend our travel agent friends to research who they buy their tickets from. Like in everything else in the business world; if it sounds too good to be true it usually is not. Please compare prices; which are usually within a few dollars of each other.  Check cancellation and refund policies.  You do not want to wait for six months for a refund or credit.

Picasso Travel is a pioneer in consolidation technology. Most of our fares are displayed on line (www.picassotravel.com ) and we auto ticket immediately. Your mark ups are always protected on credit card purchases and your checks are mailed promptly.  With our new booking platform “Cockpit” .... you can now find worldwide low fares and issue tickets on the spot.  Brazil to Nigeria, China to Germany, Canada to Australia.

The “Good Consolidator” has been at your service for 40 years.

Happy selling!